Weekly Update 5th July 2015

05 Jul 2015

The-Cross-Billy-Grahams-Message-to-America-540x303The message this morning is from Billy Graham on DVD “The Cross” and the service will conclude with communion.

If you want to watch this DVD again or recommend it to others who have not seen it, the following will take you to it

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Pentecost 2015 – Everyone a Prophet – Acts 2 v14-36 – Pastor Nigel Cox

26 May 2015

Tongues_of_fire_descend_on_the_apostles_at_Pentecost._Lithog_Wellcome_V0034957Introduction What is a Prophet?

The Old Testament pattern

– One who knows and communicates God’s heart.  Sometimes words of encouragement, sometimes words of warning, often words of challenge, occasionally predictive (especially when related to God’s purpose being fulfilled despite what the people do)

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Nepal Earthquake: Urgent Appeal

02 May 2015



4,300 people are already confirmed dead from last weekend’s earthquake in Nepal and there are fears this could rise to 10,000 as rescue workers start to reach remote areas. Read more